Day two…Waterford

Today we made our way to the city of Waterford – yes, that Waterford, but we are poor pilgrims and we didn’t buy any crystal.

Group at Christ Church Cathedral.jpg

This is the group in front of Christ Church Cathedral where we attended service this morning. It was a beautiful church that is on the site of an original place of worship from 1066.

Here is the tomb of James Rice (Mayor of Waterford 11 times in the 15th century) found in the original church building.


The Reverend Maria Jansson delivered a wonderful sermon, prayed for the Diocese of Virginia in the prayers of the people and was kind enough to meet with us after service.


Inside the church and behind the altar was the Hebrew word for the name of the Lord, Adonai – The Tetragrammaton.


Our young pilgrims had a wonderful time touring the Medieval Museum.


We saw a hat worn by Henry the 8th – no head attached…


We walked about the city and returned late afternoon to the Ferry House.




Some reflections:

“I went to Waterford today to go to a church and visit a museum. Spiritually, I am still the same but I enjoyed the difference in the Anglican service. I really enjoyed trying to read the Old English on the gravestones at Glendalough. I am enjoying the quiet moments.”- Zack

“When we were told that we were going on a pilgrimage, my first thought was Ireland. Known for its beauty, simplicity and elegance, it does not disappoint. There’s a magic in this land, even in the cities that makes one stop and think about life, love, hope and faith. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience with dear friends in a magical place.” – Quincy


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