Day Three -New Ross and St. Mullins


We began the day with a traditional Irish breakfast of eggs, sausage and dark pudding (really ground pork). We listened to patriotic music in honor of the 4th of July. Everyone is in good spirits as we head out to see sites in New Ross, homestead of the ancestors of President John F.Kennedy.



We toured the tall ship The Dunbrody, which transported approximately 4,000 starving Irish families to America and Canada during the years of the great potato famine. It was sobering to see the horrible conditions  for the passengers in steerage class who lived like this for the 60 days of ocean voyage.



“Sketching always connects me to my surroundings and helps me look for details in things  I might have overlooked. I liked sketching here because I had in my vision ancient crosses and beautiful hills, reminding me of both forms of God’s majesty. Last night we read in Mother Teresa’s book about how to pray. I think I pray best in nature, surrounded by the wonder of the people who came before me, who were also searching for God.”



We visited St. Mullins water well in the afternoon.  It was cool that a small place used to be used as a church, so we paused to pray together and refresh our selves with the cold water. Drinking the water from the well was also an amazing experience.  I have felt a closer connection to God over the course of the week. The experience I had at St. Mullins well was a great bonding experience, and has been a great part to this pilgrimage journey. -Max



While reading the Mother Theresa book last night, I came across a particular line that said,’But you cannot give what you don’t have. That’s why it is necessary to deepen your life of prayer’. I took this to mean that you must expand your horizons in order to share your spiritual experiences with those around you. The trip to St. Mullins today was a great opportunity to expand my horizons. Seeing all the ruins and ancient ruins of this church was really cool. -Joe M.



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