Day Five -Woodstock, Jerpoint Abbey, Kilkenny, Saint Canice’s Cathedral

A very busy day was started in Woodstock, visiting the amazing gardens and the lovely town of Inistioge and saw a church there. We then headed to Jerpoint Abbey to tour the ruins of an abbey begun 1160 by the Cistercian Monks until the reign of Henry the 8th when he destroyed the abbey and confiscated the lands.

We finished the day in Kilkenny with some time to explore the city and a tour of St. Canice’s Cathedral. We even climbed the tower! The day ended with a  lovely meal cooked and served by our youth. Tomorrow is our final day. Stay tuned….







“When I heard that we were going to Kilkenny today, I was so excited! I have been waiting to visit the town since I first started researching our pilgrimage. We enjoyed looking around the shops and the cafés. It was very interesting to see everyone else going about their daily lives in the city. I also went on a little adventure with some fellow pilgrims around the city in order to find St. Canice’s Cathedral. I do admit we got a little lost on the way, and we were late to the Cathedral. However, throughout the stress of being lost in an unfamiliar city, I found that my friends and were blazing a new path and experiencing the city and the culture in a brand new way. We ended the day with a lovely dinner, and I could not be happier that I am here.” -Sage


“Today was essentially the beginning of the end, it was our second to last day here in Ireland, and we’ve been packing our trip full of little adventures up to this point. We’ve been on long walks, swimming in the Irish Sea, exploring vast gardens full of gargantuan trees and puff ball sized birds (one of which we named Bubbles). We also may or may not have gotten lost two or three times. Okay seven times. During this pilgrimage I’ve also gotten some much needed alone time. I know it doesn’t sound like something that appealing, but very rarely does one get the time to just walk through a forest or a garden and just think; it’s something that many people now a’ days never really get despite its true value. Well, anyway, I look forward to what John (our guide) has in store for us tomorrow (I hear more swimming is involved, YAY!) So peace out!” –Graham



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