Day Six – Hike to a glacier lake and Eucharist

On the last day of our pilgrimage we drove to the south coast of Ireland to the Comeragh Mountains and hiked to Coumshingaun, a glacial lake. A few brave (young) souls jumped into the very cold lake and a few others dunked their heads to feel the apparently refreshing chill of the water.

As a special treat, Mackenna and Sage sang an Irish Blessing for us and the beauty of their voices carried over the lake and in the mountain air.

After a leisurely lunch, Mother Margaret led us in a Eucharistic service on the side of the mount above the lake. Her reading of the Sermon on the Mount and her homily was moving and a very spiritual time together. We experienced God in a deep and beautiful way today.


Here are a few photos from the day.

Hiking to lake.JPG

The hike in.


Group on rock

The gang on a rock on the way up.

Brave swimmers

The brave souls in the cold water.





Chris dunking his head to test the temperature.


Yep, it’s cold.


Blessing the bread and wine.


Preparing for communion.


Sierra serves the wine to Joe during communion.


Mother Margaret follows her flock.


“This trip, especially today, has been one of the highlights of my life. Traveling is one of my favorite things and traveling with this group has been amazing. We have bonded more than anyone expected and I have come to really enjoy everyone’s company. Today we hiked to a glacier lake, where many of us either decided to get into the water or just dunk our heads. It was a very spiritual experience, especially celebrating Eucharist on the rocks for the goats to enjoy. We have bonded, loved, adventured, learned, prayed, and come closer to both God and each other on this journey.”  – Emma


One thought on “Day Six – Hike to a glacier lake and Eucharist”

  1. Thanks to all for sharing this. Through your photos and writings I have followed your pilgrimage and felt very close to you all throughout this week, especially when my sister also joined you. She said it was an amazing experience.
    Love and prayers for safe journeys home. Emma’s GMum


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