IMG_5246IMG_5248IMG_5249IMG_5251IMG_5253IMG_5254IMG_5255IMG_5258IMG_5261IMG_5265IMG_5266IMG_5271IMG_5282IMG_5283IMG_5285IMG_5289IMG_5291IMG_5298IMG_5299IMG_5304IMG_5306IMG_5308IMG_5310IMG_5317IMG_5318IMG_5322IMG_5325IMG_5328IMG_5332IMG_5334IMG_5339IMG_5340IMG_5344IMG_5346IMG_5358IMG_5362Today we woke up at 7:00 AM to go and have breaks before we went to Deborah’s Place.  After we got off the train, we had to walk about fifteen to twenty minutes.  When we got there, we walked through the hallways to the learning center.  There, Juanita introduced herself and gave us a brief summary of Deborah’s Place.  After, the boys and girls split into two different groups.  The guys moved boxes of supplies into the supply room while the girls cleaned other parts.  When everyone was done with their first assignment, everyone pitched in to clean the meeting room.  Once the meeting room was finished, we had lunch and played a lot of games, since we couldn’t go on our phones.  After lunch, we played The Price is Right with the women that are currently at Deborah’s Place.  It was very entertaining.  All the women were very competitive.  Once we were done, the women thanked us for coming.  It was great to interact with them because even though they were dealing with things in life they all had a smile on their faces.  That made me very appreciative of everything in my life.  I know that the others felt the same way.

-Alfred Gri-Abbott


Sunday, we went on the architecture boat tour.  Chicago had some very interesting architecture.  It had a lot of old historic buildings and some new ones with nice shiny glass.  I really liked seeing Trump Tower.  It was so cool to see one in person.  This is my first city I visited with huge skyscrapers, looking at the buildings was so cool.  I also liked the building that was narrow and got wider as it got to the top.  The architecture and vastness of those buildings really made me think about the magnitude of all we’re able to accomplish as human beings, and how great God must be to create something as complex and imaginative as the human mind.

-Max Lyons


I came late due to a wedding, so while I missed the first couple of days, my first one was very enjoyable and rewarding.  We visited a women’s housing facility called Deborah’s Place.  All of the tenants and staff were so welcoming and friendly, and the whole experience was really fun.  From Max freaking out about the questionable deadness of a spider to Alfred and Max being utterly confused by a riddle game to playing a super high-energy and enthusiastic game of The Price is Right, it was just an amazing experience.  Afterwards, we went to a huge playground.  It was surprisingly large, and although jeans made it difficult to enjoy the vast array of slides, we had a great time.  On the way home, the sprinkling rain made for a lovely, cooled-off walk back to the hostel, where we had time to relax and bond with each other, which, to me, is almost as important as the service work we’re doing together.

-Quincy Behning


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