Today we went to Deborah’s place again after eating breakfast and making our lunches in the kitchen at the hostel.  This time, we focused more on moving things around and straightening up the storage area.  But before that, we all got riddle packets that some of the ladies had made for us after we stumped them with a few of our own riddles yesterday, which I thought was really nice of them to do.  Later on in the day a lot of the ladies played bingo for prizes (some of which we brought, and others were donations that were already there).  A moment today that felt particularly like a “God moment” to me was during the second round of bingo.  One of the ladies said something along the lines of “Please Lord, let me win this box of tissues.”  And then she was the first to win in that round and got the box of tissues.  It probably wasn’t any sort of Pulp Fiction style divine intervention, but I just thought it was a little heartwarming.



We left Deborah’s place after a series of pictures, goodbyes, and overall heartwarming moments, and found ourselves at the hostel for a little R&R, and soon after the city library. It had nine stories, and a decent collection of books. There was also art showcased there, including 6 old paintings depicting different moments from the Bible. We then decided to do something a little more touristy, and visit the observation deck of the John Hancock building, where the majority of us participated in the main attraction, The Tilt. Essentially what happened is, we went on a wall on the 94th story that tilted downwards about 45 degrees. We had a perfect view of Chicago, all the while contemplating what would happen if we fell, except me of course. I also took some pictures of the city from this view, which would have been even better on a sunny day. We decided to finish off the day by going to 7 11, as it was the 11th of July, for free slurpee day. To our dismay, we arrived a little (probably a lot) too late. As both stores we visited were out of cups. However, the second store was much cooler about it than the first one, as they used Jumba Juice cups, in place of the other cups. However, there’s a Yin for every Yang (I know I used that expression wrong, but I don’t care), and the second store was running out of everything, save the Coca-Cola flavor, and cotton candy. Both of which were bad, but it was better than nothing. It is worth noting that the first store had all of their flavors working, they were just being uptight with the rules. Moral of the story, be the second place, everyone will like you then.

-Alexander P.


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